Leading Consulting company and Training Provider for Printing, Packaging and Allied Industries

Future Schoolz is the leading consulting company for services starting from Press Audit, Press Standardisation, Colour Management, Print Quality Control, Material Optimisation, Pre-press Workflow, along with training and skilling for workforce, supervisors and managers. We are members of global standardisation bodies Fogra, International Color Consortium, Ghent Workgroup, CIP4. We are the only one Fogra PSO partner from India currently, mandated to conduct Fogra certifications.

Training & Education

Reskilling and upskilling the workforce is our primary focus. We conduct Short Term courses, Skill Upgradation Training, Management and Supervisory Training, also Industry orientation courses for Faculties from Print Technology Institutes.

Print Consultancy

We offer technical and process consultancy to Printing, Packaging, Label presses, OEMs, Distributors, Print & Pre-press Software & QA Tool providers, Security Print specialists, 3D Printers in areas of Quality, market connect and benchmarking, innovation and more.

Future Technology Integration

Reliable partner for future technology integration, application support, training, familiarisation of new technology etc. Beneficial for OEMs, Pre-press Software companies and new Technology developers. Also in 3D printing, printed Electronics, high security printing etc.

Future Schoolz is a member of

Fogra Certifications

Fogra is a world leading research, testing and certifying agency, with a legacy of over 70 years. Known for their scientific approach, neutrality and practical relevance to be a reliable partner for all matters.

The standardised FograCert test programme was developed for various materials, products and production processes from research for practice. This way, safety in the processing of materials, high-quality products and reliable production processes are confirmed with a Fogra certificate. 

Partnership with KMPA

Future Schoolz is a Knowledge partner to KMPA to help it’s members in harnessing the benefits of latest technology, to adopt and implement technology streams efficiently. Also to support in managing the skill gap in the industry by upskilling and re-skilling workforce. Workshops, seminars and training will be conducted for print entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Rajendrakumar Anayath

Future Schoolz bridges a very important void in the Indian Print & Allied Industry by offering the necessary Upskilling, Finishing School and Training. I strongly believe these are the three most important pillars for any organisation to foster sustenance, innovation and growth. FS’s extreme values, passion and commitment towards this industry, can contribute meaningfully to equip printers, managers and leaders to face every future challenge and achieve core business objectives.

Prof.(Dr.) Rajendrakumar Anayath

Vice Chancellor, DCRUST University, Haryana
OVenugopal Anaswara Offset

Quality improvement, process improvement and skill initiatives are boon to the industry. There is a thrust on quality improvement and process improvement in printing business. Skilling of the workforce and equipping new workforce in line with the quality expectation is of utmost importance. I look forward to Future Schoolz intervention in both areas, which can help the industry.

O. Venugopal

MD, Anaswara Offset, Kochi
Printpack India

Quality up-gradation of thousands of printers across the country can uplift India as world’s Print back-office literally. India could rise to the challenge if all printers can achieve global standards and ensure the quality of raw materials and calibration of machinery. Future Schoolz is capable to provide advisory and services on both fronts and that is a blessing to Indian print industry.

Dayaker Reddy

President, IPAMA
xerox india

Future Schoolz’s services are very relevant for the print industry to overcome the challenges it is facing now – they will help to upgrade quality, improve profits and to gain customer satisfaction. Also, the focus on environment-friendly practices is worth mentioning. Their subject matter experts with their practical knowledge enable the workforce to craft to perfection.

Joseph Sajeevan

Regional Manager -South, Xerox India
Dibyajyoti Kalita

Today’s print industry faces multiple challenges and new opportunities – ensuring quality and standardisation, also lack a skilled workforce to produce brilliant print output. Then there are new areas being developed around print which throws new avenues for printers to get into. Future Schools is doing wonderful initiatives on both fronts, my wholehearted appreciations and support for its future journey.

Dibyajyoti Kalita

Past President, AIFMP

Idealliance’s G7 Master program is one of the world’s leading colour management validation program. This validates the expertise in areas of colour, it’s measurements and applications in Print. Future Schoolz CEO Kulakkada Pradeep is a G7 Certified Expert who can also train and certify others to get G7 certification. Contact us for more support on G7 Certifications and colour management support.

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Min. Qualification

Suitable Jobs

3D Printing Operator

6 months

+2/ITI/VHSE or above

3D printing service bureaus, Manufacturing companies, Automobile companies

3D Designing and 3D Scanning

4 months

ITI/Diploma or above

3D printing service bureaus, Manufacturing companies, Automobile companies, and Product Design Studios

Advanced 3D Printing

6 months

Diploma/BTech/BVoc or above

3D printing service bureaus, Manufacturing companies, Automobile companies, and Product Design Studios

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